Fitting A Water Meter

How do I check if I can save money?
You could save money by having a water meter fitted to your property. At present most people pay for their water on a fixed annual basis. The amount is based on the properties “rateable value” and not the amount used. It is possible to ask your water company to have a water meter fitted where you only pay for the water you use.
It may be worth checking whether you could save money by having a meter fitted, in general, if there are more bedrooms in your property than people you could save money. The amount you could save will depend upon the number of people in your property and how you use your water supply.
The Consumer Council for Water (CCW) has an online calculator which allows you to check if you could save money. The calculator can be access here. You need to complete some brief details about your usage and it will give you an estimate of what you could save.
How do I get a meter fitted?
In most cases a water meter will be fitted by your supplier free of charge. If you are considering having a meter fitted you should contact your supplier. Contact details and more information regarding water meters, for the companies that supply the Two Castles area are shown below.
What if I have a meter fitted and don’t save money?
If you decide to have a meter fitted and you find that your expenditure has not reduced, you can within the first 12 months, request that you go back to the old system and pay based on the rateable value system. The water meter will not be removed but it will be switched off.

More Information
Consumer Council for Water
Northumbrian Water - 0845 733 5566
Yorkshire Water - 0845 1 24 24 24
United Utilities - 0845 746 1100