Rechargeable repairs

Two Castles Housing Association has a duty to ensure our housing stock is well maintained. However, tenants also have a similar obligation, which is clearly defined within a tenancy agreement.

Grounds for rechargeable repairs are therefore based upon the tenant’s responsibility to comply with their tenancy agreement, which is a legally binding contract.

Where work has been identified as the tenant’s responsibility and therefore rechargeable, the tenant will be offered the option of arranging for the work to be completed. However, the following conditions apply:

  • The tenant must still be living at the property
  • Permission to carry out the work must be obtained in writing from the appropriate repairs manager before the work begins
  • All work must be completed by a competent person(s) and in accordance with an agreed timescale
  • The tenant will remain liable for all resultant costs

Where the tenant has not arranged for the work to be undertaken themselves, any cost will be recovered as outlined in the paragraph below.

Although the general rule is to be widely applied, in exceptional circumstances costs may be waived. Each case will be considered on its own merit and consideration will be given to the following:

  • Vulnerable person with no other able bodied adult person at the property
  • Health (including mental health/learning difficulties)
  • Disability
  • Victim of crime (e.g. reported to the police and a crime/log number is available)
  • Hardship

Examples of repairs which will be recharged

  • Re-glazing
  • Lock changes
  • Contents clearance from a vacated building
  • Storage of contents resulting from abandonment or eviction
  • Damage resulting from do-it-yourself activities (this may include neighbouring properties)
  • Damage to any fixtures, fittings or appliances
  • Damage to the structure of the building
  • Void property left in unsatisfactory condition (including the garden and outhouses)

Reviews and Appeals Process

Any complaint in relation to the rechargeable repair will be in accordance with the Two Castles Housing Association complaints procedures.