Below is a list of some Frequently Asked Questions that relate to existing Two Castles homes.

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My scheme is not on the list. Does this mean we wonít have any works done?

This means there are no works planned for your scheme in the next five years. We will publish new plans every two years so if your kitchen is due in six years it will not appear until we publish it next time.

Why is the number of properties due for works on my scheme less than the total number of properties on my scheme?

This is because some properties might have already had a component replaced as a one off and out of sequence. We try to avoid this, although it is not always possible.

You refer to components Ė what does this mean?

We monitor the condition of between 25-30 main components in each property to identify planned works. A component means items like roofs, kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors and heating systems.

How do you decide when something needs replacing?

The decision is based on combination of factors including age, normal life cycle and the condition. This helps us to make sure that homes with the most urgent work needed are dealt with first. The Board has also made energy efficiency works such as new heating systems a priority.

My neighbours have had works but I have not. When will mine be done?

If you feel others on your scheme have had works done and you have been missed then please let us know. We have surveyed a 20 per cent sample of properties on every scheme and know this to be 90 per cent accurate so please let us know if you think we have missed you.

Why canít you set fixed replacement dates for things like kitchens and bathrooms?

A lifecycle for a component can only be a guide and the actual performance of components is influenced by a number of factors including manufacturing quality, installation workmanship, weathering, environmental impacts, servicing cycles, and human impact through use.

How do you ensure the information you have is kept up to date?

We survey at least 20 per cent of all properties every year and all properties within a five year period. This allows us to monitor the condition of properties and adjust our programmes to ensure that homes are maintained to an appropriate standard.

My home was built less than 15 years ago. Why do you not do any planned works?

We do not normally undertake any major planned maintenance to a property less than 15 years old. This is because normal component life cycles should not require replacement in this period. Properties will receive responsive repairs and some cyclical maintenance during this time.