Paying Rent or Service Charges

Click here to make an online payment using the Residents' Portal

Rent or Service Charges are payable to Two Castles Housing Association at the beginning of each week (or month if you are a shared owner or a leaseholder). It’s important to pay your rent and or service charge on time to avoid falling into arrears.

How can I make my payments?
Two Castles Housing Association offers a wide variety of ways to make payment, details of which are shown below:

  • Direct Debits
    You can make payments using a monthly direct debit.  Information on the direct debit scheme is available from this link. 
  • Online Payments
    You can make payments online using the residents portal.  Information on the residents portal is available from this link.  Online Payments are safe and instant and you can also check your account statement and other useful information
  • With your allpay card
    You can use your allpay swipe card at any location which displays the PayPoint logo or any Post Office.  Information on allpay payment cards is available from here 
  • Telephone
    You can make a payment over the phone by debit card during normal office hours by contacting Two Castles customer services team.  Contact information available from this link
  • By Standing Order
    If you would like to pay your rent by Standing Order, please click here to contact your local office for a Standing Order form. You must then complete this and return to your bank or building society.
  • By post
    If you would like to make a payment by post, please send a cheque quoting your account number, name and address. Please do not send cash in the post.

     All cheques must be made payable to Two Castles Housing Association.

  • In person at Two Castles local offices
    Payment can be paid by cash or cheque at any local office (with the exception of Kendal) by prior arrangement.  Please contact your local housing office.

Important Information on Payments

If you fail to keep up with rent payments, your account will fall into arrears. At this point, the Association will contact you to advise you of the outstanding balance and to request payment.

If you fail to respond or fail to keep to agreements to repay the debt in a reasonable time, legal proceedings will be started. These legal proceedings could ultimately result in the loss of your home.

If you are in financial difficulties, it is important that you let us know as quickly as possible so that we can help you work out a way to pay. If this applies to you, please contact your local office as soon as possible.