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Our residents are at the heart of everything we do

Our residents are at the heart of everything we do


Two Castles is part of Cumbria Choice, a choice based lettings scheme in Cumbria.

To register on Cumbria Choice you will need to complete a Cumbria Choice application form which you can complete on-line at

Alternatively, application forms are available from your local Two Castles office or from other housing association offices who are members of Cumbria Choice.

If you have any queries relating to the Cumbria Choice process please contact Two Castles Customer Services Team who will assist further.


Current application forms

Application forms can be downloaded using the links at the bottom of this page. Before you download a form please take the time to read the following information carefully. 

Applying for a home
If you are interested in applying to live in a Two Castles Housing Association home, here you will find all the forms you need to start the application process.

We allocate properties based on housing need, which is assessed on a points basis. The completed Application Form will be assessed in accordance with our Lettings Policy and points will be allocated in accordance with the applicant’s/applicants’ particular circumstances.

We need all the requested information
It is important to complete all the relevant sections of the Application Form and provide any supporting documentation so that the Association can fully assess your application. Should you require any assistance or guidance in completing the Application Form please contact the respective Regional Office.

Your options for submitting
Each form is available in two formats, Word and PDF. This means you can either complete the form electronically or by printing out and posting back. You will need Microsoft Word to view the Word version and you will need Adobe Acrobat  to view the PDF version.

If you wish to complete the form electronically, please open the Word version of the form, complete the form, and email it back to us at

If you would prefer to complete the form manually, please open the PDF version of the form, print it out, complete the form in black ink and send it back to us at one of the following three offices:

Regional Office (North East)
154 New Bridge Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

Regional Office (North West)
3 Castle Street

Area Office (Whitehaven)
Catherine Mill
Catherine Street
CA28 7QT “

Forms downloads

Housing Application forms

Leasehold and Shared Ownership forms
Two Castles has a number of shared ownership properties for occupation by people of any age, but also a significant number of leasehold schemes for occupation by older people. We maintain waiting lists of applicants in both the North West and North East regions. If you want to find out more about either of these types of housing, please contact us at our local offices.

Housing Transfer forms

Further information


Cumbria Choice - CBL Quick Guide

Cumbria Choice - CBL Quick Guide

File type: PDF document
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Cumbria Choice - CBL Policy

Cumbria Choice - CBL Policy

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Cumbria Choice - CBL Frequently Asked Questions

Cumbria Choice - CBL Frequently Asked Questions

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