You said, we did

Residents want to know what happens when they give their views and ideas. So we publish a resident involvement impact report every year showing everything that we’ve done.

The Resident Involvement Impact Report shows all residents' achievements for the last year, but here are a few short examples:

To find out more about any resident involvement, please contact the Involvement & Equality Officer.

Reviewing arrangements for leaseholders and shared owners

30 leaseholders and shared owner residents reviewed our leaseholder handbook, associated leaflets, and the way their budgets, statements and annual accounts were presented.

Ron Steele

Designing our Annual Report for Residents

Residents from a range of backgrounds are involved in designing our annual report for residents about our performance over the year.

Annual Report Group

Overhaul of our landscaping service

The review asked residents to prioritise services, say which services they were willing to pay for and what information they wanted.

Penrith resident Brian McCarthy

Rethinking how we manage repairs and maintenance

Residents review our contracting arrangements for responsive repairs with the help of staff and an independent consultant.

Carlisle resident Ann Carr