Satisfaction Survey Forum

STAR Survey 2014

STAR Survey 2014

Standardised resident surveys are a way of comparing our performance with other landlords and finding out about our residents’ needs, priorities and behaviour (e.g. use of technology).

We undertake a STAR (Survey of Tenants & Residents) survey with a random sample of two thirds of our households every two years. The survey measures satisfaction across all our services and includes all tenure types (general needs, sheltered and leaseholders/shared owners).

Residents and staff on this forum are consulted on what questions to include in the questionnaires before the survey takes place. After the survey they see the results and suggest actions Two Castles should take based on these results.

When Two Castles last did this type of survey, 68% of residents were satisfied that Two Castles took their views into account, placing us just short of the top 25% of landlords nationally. This was a massive improvement from the previous survey, when satisfaction with opportunities to take part in management and decision making was 52% for general needs residents and 46% for home owners. In three years, we improved from 73% of residents saying we were good at keeping residents informed to 87%, which put us in the top 25% of landlords.

To volunteer for the Satisfaction Survey Forum, contact the Involvement & Equality Officer