Annual Report

Annual Report for Residents 2016

Annual Report for Residents 2016

Two Castles' service standards include commitments on:

  • Standards for performance
  • How performance will be monitored, reported to and scrutinised by residents
  • What happens if our service standards are not met
  • Arrangements for regularly reviewing our service standards with residents.

Since the initial service standards were developed, residents have met with the Involvement & Equality Officer (IEO) every two years to agree any updates or amendments.

This forum also looks at Two Castles' performance in relation to these service standards and produces an annual report for residents, so this forum also meets several times a year to agree on the format and content of this report.

However, you do not have to attend meetings to take part in this group. Your comments can be fed in via the IEO.

To join this forum, contact the Involvement & Equality Officer