Residents' Panel

The Residents’ Panel is a list of residents who are interested in giving their views to improve the services that all residents receive from Two Castles.

Many enjoy it so much they have been active members for more than five years! Lots of new residents have joined in recent years because they can now give their views by post and email if they cannot make meetings. All contributions are equally valued.

We understand the difficulties people who are working or live in rural areas have travelling. As we have properties over a very large area, postal and email methods offer you great convenience.

More than 50 residents are members of the Residents' Panel. New members are always welcome from any background.

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Residents' Panel Terms of Reference

Residents' Panel Code of Conduct

Irene Scott

Irene Scott


Irene, from Bisland Court, Carlisle, was elected Chair in December 2012. She has been part of the Residents’ Panel for years and takes part in some of our forums, including the Fanfare Editorial Panel. Her 49 year career included working in the NHS, a law firm and cardiovascular research. She was involved in organising meetings, updating constitutions and terms of reference, elections of office bearers, annual reports, distribution agendas and papers, taking minutes (highlighting action to be taken) and distributing them. She is also involved in the Women’s Fellowship and other activities in St Cuthbert’s Civic Church in Carlisle. Irene said: “I was very happy to be elected as Chair and will do my best to ensure that residents’ concerns are listened to and improvements made for the benefit of all Two Castles residents.”

George Cornish

George Cornish

Vice Chair of Residents' Panel

George lives in Sinclair Court, Carlisle. He was selected as Vice Chair in 2015 and has been dedicated to involvement with Two Castles for nearly 10 years. He is currently secretary of the Cumbria & North Lancashire Tenants Participation Forum and has served as a resident representative on the Two Castles Customer Services Committee for more than 6 years.