Scrutiny Panel Qualities

The types of qualities we are looking for in Resident Scrutiny Panel members are:

Resident of Two Castles


  • has an enquiring mind
  • builds & maintains relationships
  • respects others & their views
  • values diversity & promotes equal opportunities
  • has high standards of behaviour & integrity
  • enthusiastic
  • conscientious

Able to:

  • understand residents’ needs & experiences
  • analyse issues & make reasonable conclusions in a timely manner
  • suggest & support improvements
  • compromise
  • work as part of a team
  • apply skills & knowledge
  • share skills & knowledge to help other Resident Scrutiny Panel members

Is a good:

  • communicator
  • listener

Has views that are:

  • focussed on the best interests of all Two Castles residents
  • go beyond own interests

Willing to:

  • participate in training & personal development
  • prepare for & regularly attend Resident Scrutiny Panel meetings
  • make appropriate contributions to meetings.

People who cannot join the Resident Scrutiny Panel:

  • Employees of Two Castles
  • Members of Two Castles’ Board, or committees
  • Board members of any other housing organisation, business partner or potential business partner of Two Castles
  • Anyone who ceases to be a resident of Two Castles
  • Those subject to a County Court judgement in favour of Two Castles.

Our commitment to diversity

We will choose the best people for the scrutiny panel based on the qualities needed. We will not choose people based on their age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, marital status, maternity situation or religion/belief.

We want to get a good representation of residents from all our geographical areas. We will worry about how you will all meet once the panel is formed so please do not assume that because you work or have family or caring commitments that you cannot apply.

Residents from any tenure type can apply (sheltered, supported, general needs leaseholders, and shared owners).

Think you can make a difference?

Contact Involvement & Equality Officer Stephen Harrison on 01228 635530 and ask for an application pack.