Getting involved

Listening to your views and acting upon them
We want to ensure that our services meet the needs of all of our residents. Please tell us your ideas for how we can design our services better. We value the contribution of each individual.

How our residents can get involved
We have developed our approach, detailed in our Resident Involvement Strategy & Action Plan with the help of residents. If you have any suggestions, please contact the Involvement & Equality Officer.

Level 1: Scrutinising Two Castles' Performance

Involves: a long term commitment and many meetings over the year. Reporting to the Board, it has a high level of influence on Two Castles' services.

Join our Resident Scrutiny Panel to check and, if needed, challenge Two Castles’ services, processes and performance, by assessing these against agreed standards, as well as best practice.

Scrutiny Panel members will get all the help and training they need. This is an important job so we need the right people. You don’t need experience of scrutiny panels, committees or housing to apply. For more information, click here or contact the Involvement & Equality Officer.

Level 2: Residents' Panel

Involves: a long term commitment and quite a few hours over the year. Has a high level of influence on Two Castles' decision making.

Our Residents’ Panel currently has more than 50 members. Many take part in consultations through the post or online, but many also attend meetings.

Joining the Panel means that you will receive personal invitations to take part in all involvement activities.

Residents' Panel members also vote to elect their members to serve on our Customer Services Committee and our Board.

Level 3: Resident forums and service testing

Involves: a medium term commitment and regular meetings over a short time period. Has a high level of influence on Two Castles' decision making.

Residents also test our services to identify what works well and what improvements we could make.

We have a number of resident forums which allow residents to be consulted in detail about the topics they are most interested in or have most experience of.

Customer service testers are fully trained and the experience is useful for your CV. We also pay for their time with shopping vouchers.

Click here to see our current list of forums.


Level 4: Taking part in surveys

Involves: only a little commitment and a few hours of time. Has a reasonable influence on Two Castles' decision making.

Two Castles Housing Association sends out satisfaction questionnaires when residents use particular services, e.g. repairs. We also run a regular survey of a large sample of our residents asking general questions about how residents rate the Association and how things can be improved. Residents can complete surveys through the post, online, or over the phone.

Because the results are from a high number of residents, this allows us to analyse the results and use the statistics to spot trends and areas of high and low achievement. We would then consult residents about the best ways to tackle areas for development.

Level 5: Resident groups and one off consultations

Joining one of our local residents’ groups, or attending other one off consultation events

Involves: only a little commitment and a couple of hours. Has a medium influence on Two Castles' decision making.

Some of our schemes have residents associations or informal resident groups just for their scheme.

A recent example of a one off consultation is our kitchens and bathrooms consultation, where residents came to view choices of worktops, doors and tiles to help us choose the new range on offer to residents.

Two Castles also holds consultations with the local community when we build new homes to ensure that our plans fit in with local need.

Level 6: Any time feedback

Involves: no regular commitment, only a few minutes. Has a small influence on Two Castles' decision making.

Residents can tell us their views and suggestions, good or bad, as necessary. This can be done in a number of ways: