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Below is a list of some Frequently Asked Questions that relate to resident involvement.

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Why should I get involved?

We want to talk to our residents to gauge ideas and opinions as to how we can improve our services in a way that is most suitable. Our residents feed back on many aspects of Two Castles’ work and find getting involved in future plans very interesting.

Two Castles Housing Association also offers training for residents who want to get involved in longer term projects, training that can be added to a CV or undertaken just for fun. Getting involved is a fantastic way to meet other residents and make new friends!

Who is allowed to take part?

Any Two Castles resident can get involved. We want to hear from everyone - from residents with particular religions or beliefs to young people, to those with disabilities and those with different sexual orientations. This is so that we can check that our services are the best that they can be for everyone.

How can I get involved?

There are lots of different ways which we hope will offering a solution to suit everyone.

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Will I get paid?

However, we do offer shopping vouchers in return for residents who do customer service tests for us.

This is because these residents have to be trained and make a firm commitment to do this work.

For more information about customer service testing, follow this link and select "Level 4: Service improvements and testing"

How long do I have to stay involved for?

Some residents have been involved in different activities for more than 5 years, others prefer to dip in and out of involvement.

The best way to make sure you hear about all the opportunities, so you pick the ones that interest you and suit your availability, is to put your name on the Residents’ Panel mailing list.

If you find that you no longer wish to be involved, you can ask for your name to be removed from the list any time. Why not give it a try?

Who is in charge of Resident Involvement at Two Castles Housing Association?

Clare Galland, Involvement & Equality officer at Two Castles, coordinates most of our resident involvement activities, but residents can contact staff in their local Two Castles office about it.

For details of your nearest Two Castles office, please click here.

When can I start?

Any time! Residents can contact Clare Galland or their local Two Castles office to talk through the best option for getting involved for them.

Will I have to travel?

Most of our meetings are currently held in Carlisle, Newcastle, or somewhere in between. However, our staff will be happy to organise alternative events at a more convenient location for you, or to help you with transport. Please get in touch with Clare Galland and we will do our best to enable you to take part.

At what time of day are meetings normally held?

There are lots of opportunities to get involved at various times of day. Our Residents' Conference was held during the day in 2009, but discussion groups and special meetings can be held at various times of day.

How do I make a suggestion/comment or compliment about a service?

We want to make sure that our services meet both our published standards and your needs as residents – so your feedback is important to us.  You can either contact your local office or use the form provided on this website.

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